The motto of this year's writeAUT creative writing competition was:

“Geschichte mal anders, rewriting historical figures in different time periods”

The theme of this year's writeAUT literature competition was inspired by two important Austrian personalities whose 25th and 125th death anniversaries we celebrate this year.

In concrete terms we talk about the 125th anniversary of the death of Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary, also known by her nickname Sisi, and the 25th anniversary of the death of Johann Hölzel, who managed to get to the top of the US charts under his stage name "Falco”. Both of them had a lasting impact on their time and their legacy continues to strongly influence and fascinate generations after them. Of course, there are countless stories with them to be told and they have influenced the work of many artists from the most diverse fields in the past.

But what would happen if these two people had lived in a completely different era? What would Sisi think about learning a foreign language using artificial intelligences or what would Falco post on his TikTok channel?

Let's take this experiment a little further: How would other important figures of the past or present find their way in other eras and what experiences would they have?

This year's literary competition was again held as a face-to-face event for the first time, which made us all incredibly happy. As a preparation for the creative writing process, interested people could take part in our online writing workshop and get inspired.