Die 17 ausgewählten Texte sind veröffentlicht, wähle jetzt deinen Favoriten! / The 17 chosen texts have now been published, vote for your favourite text now!

4 thoughts on “JETZT WÄHLEN / VOTE NOW”

  1. Joe O'Connell says:

    Is it possible to see the texts? I’m trying to read them, but I don’t get any access apparently…

    1. Hello Joe! The texts will be uploaded tonight and voting will start from tomorrow on. Sorry for the delay!

  2. The webpage is not showing me the voting section. The area below the your voice area is blank. What can I do to vote?

    1. Hi Hanna, sorry to hear that you are having some problems. Have you or someone else maybe voted from your computer before? The system only allows one vote per user. I do hope you managed to vote and if not, please email us and we will put down the vote for you.

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